Generational Equity

Finding Private Equity Investors for Your Company

Private equity firms are in the business of building value for the enterprises they acquire. These particular buyers are far more discerning than the average ones and would look for businesses that offer long-term prospects for growth in the future.  Their aim is to make small and significant investments in the business over a given time frame, after which they could explore one of two options.

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While some private equity firms draft exit strategies upon building the business’ value, many have also applied the familiar investment concept of buy and hold.  These entities take the slow lane, looking toward profit in the long term.

Middle-market private equity firms often aim to retain not only the original employees and management of the prior firm but also maintain some of the old organizational culture that led to the success of the enterprise and seek significant investments in operational improvements that had been impossible in the past.  This, of course, means that firms espousing the grow and hold strategy make ideal buyers for entrepreneurs who want their business and employees to be left in good hands after an exit.

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Generational Equity assists entrepreneurs throughout the process of selling their businesses.  Learn more about the company and its approach to lower middle market mergers and acquisitions from this page.


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