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The Biggest Mergers And Acquisitions In Modern History

The world has seen multi-billion dollar mergers in the past. Most of them directly affected entire industries, as well as economies of countries. Many of the biggest mergers and acquisitions in history have affected thousands, maybe even millions, of lives across the globe. Here are some examples of the biggest deals completed in modern times.

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Vodafone and Mannesmann

This was the biggest of the biggest when it came to M&A. It happened at the turn of the century, in February 2000, and involved over $180 billion. Of course, a deal this big would not go down without a few hurdles. Germans didn’t like it at all. They saw the takeover as an ominous sign for their businesses. Vodafone emerged as the biggest mobile operator in the world, and the deal set the bar for all deals to be made in the industry.

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Verizon and Verizon Wireless

In a much more recent global event, Verizon finally took over Verizon Wireless from Vodafone. It didn’t come easy, though. It took Verizon almost an entire decade to get the deal done. In the end, it cost Verizon $130 billion, but it toughened up the company and made it much more competitive in the United States.

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